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Circular Economy

Pakaflex has just commissioned a state of the art plastic film recycler. In partnership with Sustainability Victoria this machine recovers LDPE (recycle code 4, with very high print coverages) and is used to process both internal scrap and wrap returned to us from our customers. Already, this process has been in place for more than a year with one of our major partners - AKD Softwoods. They are returning all their scrap wrap from their packing operations. The recovered material is utilised back into the same Enduratuff™ long life timber protection covers to provide a genuine closed loop or circular economy.We beleive this is one of the few examples of flexible packaging being used in a genuine closed loop,

This investment also creates more than 2 totally new jobs at our main manufacturing facility in Dandenong.    

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As an environmentally conscious manufacturer, Pakaflex is working to assist industry in the environmentally friendly recycling of plastic waste materials, helping the environment, reducing landfill, contributing to individual companies' abilities to meet their triple bottom line responsibilities and the national packaging covenant. In 2021 in conjunction with support from Sustainability Victoria we are installing a special recycling line to recover heavily printed wrap and remake it into polymer suitable for using in new wrap again. A genuine closed loop product. We also aim to be good members of the local community, and are keen to assist the industry in achieving sustainable solutions for the future. At Pakaflex we follow the guidelines of “Reduce, re-use and recycle”.  As most of our products are used for packaging, re-use is generally difficult so we are mostly focused on the Reduce and Recycle components.


Pakaflex does not manufacture high density "check-out" bags.

To help the environment we:

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