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Quality  and Safety - key to our success!

In operating our plant and equipment, we aim to have no injuries – ever.  Providing a safe and secure work environment we believe contributes to an overall culture that will make us safe, and deliver superior products to our customers.   We are also committed to the safe use of our products by our customers.  If there is anything we can do to make our products safer then we will do it.


Material Safety Data Sheet

is committed to continuous improvement and meeting the standards of modern manufacturing.   We meet all the requirements of the ISO9001 quality
standard as well as adopting many of the current code of good manufacturing practices as well.  Whether we make the product or not, we support the products we supply.  In 2015 we installed a state of the art MRP computer system integrating our batch and raw material product traceability with our new accounting system .  This allows us to ensure we make the product correctly every time! Our Management Systems were certified as meeting the latest ISO9001:2015 standard in June 2016.





We recognise that occasionally things go wrong, for whatever reason.  By confirming requirements before manufacture and complete integration of these requirments into our production processes as required for AS/NZS ISO9001 we aim to have no problems.  Should a issue arise please contact us immediately and we will sort out the problem as quickly as we can.  Our objective is to achieve no defects at all - but if they happen - learn from them!


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