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Making a good join with the Stainless Steel Wire detectable underground warning tape is critical if the wire is to be 'pulsed'



These joiner kits make sure the connection is the best possible.


We also have joiner kits for our foil detectable warning tape too.


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Detectable Stainless Steel wire warning tapes now in 500m length reels.  

Our easy to handle 500m length reels of SS wire detectable tapes means less joins!  If you do need to join it we now have special crimps and tools (shown above) to ensure good electrical continuity.


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Pakaflex Safety Products

Barrier tapes

Pakaflex makes most of these products in Melbourne to meet Australian and New Zealand standards for wholesalers and distributors.  This allows us to ensure we are up to date with the relevant requirements and also to tailor products for specific applications.  Making the product in Melbourne allows us to tailor the products to your requirements.  Special print, your own logo, non-standard lengths/size all of these things are no problem.


Added to our safety products are adhesive tapes from Husky! We aim to have everthing you need!



Full range of products for Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

Pakaflex makes Asbestos bags, black or clear barrier film for stopping dust spreading, baiier tapes to secure the site and finally also supplies a range of tapes from Husky including duct tape to secure the plastic drapes and asbestos removal bags.

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All barrier tapes are striped BOTH sides

Pakaflex strappingIn 2012 Pakaflex changed all production of strped barrier tapes to have stripes both sides. Stripes are UV resistant and the tape is extra stong.  High quality tapes made by us have  'MADE IN AUSTRALIA' on them.



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