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Timber Product News

Enduratuff is a revolutionary new producted developed in Australia by Pakaflex to address the problem of moisure condensation under packs of timber.  This combined with our new breathable wrap ensures excess moisture does not form droplets to cause mould discoloration on your timber.

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Polymer Staples available! 

Polymer StaplesPolymer staples are designed to be used with our new cap stapler. Used with the Pakataka Polymer staples avoid the risk of metal contamination in your timber

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Pakaflex UV resistant timber packaging Products

Pakaflex specialises in the supply of high quality timber protection products. Whether it is a quality printed wrap that we make in Australia or the strapping, staple caps or adhesive tapes to secure the wrap, we have it all available for easy ordering. Our wraps deliver your company logo and branding better and more cost effectively than anyone else. Our new EnduratuffTM (black on the inside white on the outside) and original Supatuff range protects your timber better than ever before and provides you with significant ongoing savings - not to mention less plastic to dispose of on construction sites. Pakaflex supplies throughout the region including all Australian states and territories, New Zealand, Fiji and Indonesia and now PNG.


Added to out timber wraps are safety cuttters, tapes and strapping.  We aim to have everthing you need!

Pakaflex Bubble

A Pakaflex extrusion unit in action!

Printed wrap for posts and beams now available!

We have just installed a new extruder and multi-colour printer for making very narrow tubing suitable for wrapping posts. Ideal for treated pine posts!  We can now make multi-colour printed  tubing anywhere from 75mm right through to 1500mm wide!


Strapping added to Pakaflex portfolio

Pakaflex strappingIn 2012 Pakaflex added back strapping to the products we sell.  High quality and strong strapping is a key component of packing timber.



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