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Consumables for the timber industry


16mm Strapping Now Available

Pakaflex has recently imported strapping which is stronger and lightly embossed.  This makes it suitable for all type of application methods and it welds excelitionally well.


Consolidate your order

Pakaflex makes and imports other things you may need too.  From our made in Melbourne barrier tapes to adhesive tapes right through to safety cutters for the film.   As we buy in bulk we can add these to your order for minimal extra cost.  Another example of Affordable Quality!


We have an extra strong 0.95mm strap.  Lightly embossed for all application methiods

Adhesive Tapes

A huge range of tapes are available from our parner Husky.

Barrier Tapes

Cordon off the area!  Buy direct from the manufacturer!

Cap Staplers

Secure you wrap better!

Safety Cutters

Cheap, easy to use and safe!

Stretch wrap

We have both machine and hand-wrap in stock.

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