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Breathable Wrap Now Available

 Pakaflex has recently released breathable timber wraps. These wraps have a special breathable strips that runs along the top 150mm of the pallet of timber allowing moisture to leave the pack but still keep the timber protected from frost and rain.This innovation is particulary mportant when the timber has a high moisture content.

Print in as many colours as you like - even photographs!

With our new printing equipment we can now print your wrap with as many colours as you need and even print high quality photographic images - perfect for that new launch or special event!  In fact we are probably one of the few in the world that can print such large format jobs (up to 1600mm wide with a 1200mm print repeat!)


Pakaflex is Affordable Quality!

  • Made on the best state-of-the-art in-line machinery with optimal production for high grade wrap at lowest cost.

  • Direct supply from the actual manufacturer gives you the best price and latest technologies.

  • Friendly and professional service and advice with quick turn-around.

  • Can be printed in as many colours as required in high graphic quality We arrange all artwork from your ideas right though to the final wrap

  • Supatuff, Timbatuff and remill timberwraps provide a complete choice of options for every application.

  • Willing to do shorter runs to reduce stock costs Call us to discuss how we can help you!


We have timber protection covered

Supatuff Wrap

Pakaflex is now the undisputed market leader in timber wrap throughout Australia and New Zealand and specialises in the supply of high quality timber protection products. Our wraps deliver your company logo and branding better and more cost effectively than anyone else. Our new Enduratuff/TM (black on the inside white on the outside) and original Supatuff range protects your timber better than ever before and provides you with significant ongoing savings - not to mention less plastic to dispose of on construction sites. Pakaflex supplies throughout the region including all Australian states and territories, New Zealand, Fiji and Indonesia and now PNG. We have four main types of wrap from recycled 'Timbatuff' through to woven wrap. Click on the buttons above for more information on each of the product types.

Wrap can be supplied in any colour and as traditional folded wrap, or as a single sheet up to 3200mm wide. You won't find a better wrap for your timber! In addition Pakaflex also makes barrier warning tapes and we have a range of adhesive tapes and other packaging suitable for packing timber including ‘Stinger’ staple caps and strapping that can be consolidated in your deliveries.

How you distribute your timber affects the best choice for you. Our new EnduratuffTM wrap (white on the outside, black on the inside) is the best possible wrap for extended yard storage as it both protects better and also dramatically reduces condensation under the wrap. If you are wrapping your timber - to distribute immediately in the local area - then our Supatuff 40 or 45 is the best option. If your timber is going further, and perhaps stored outdoor for periods then Supatuff 50, 55 or 60 is the most cost effective. Whatever your exact requirement, we have a range of products to suit your needs.

What is the right wrap for you?


Pakaflex has developed the market leading - long lasting - EnduratuffTM wrap for reducing sweat under timber, This product is high strength, and ideal for pine products that will be stored for some time during the distribution cycle.


The original white Supatuff has been largely supesceded by EnduratuffTM, but the high strnegth properties and clarity has made Supatuff SX the leader in clear wraps.


The most cost effective option, Ideal for local deliveries and to protect the timber from a few showers.  Made predominantly from recycle reinfornced with high strength virgin polymers.  Normally around 50um .


Highly resistant to tearing, woven wrap is ideal when you are shipping long distances with your timber packs exposed to the weather during transport.

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