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Barrier TapePakaflex makes its barrier tapes for wholesalers and distributors (minimum carton lots) from a thick 75um LDPE film (with UV stabilisation - we are the outdoor specialists!) which is superior to most imported barrier tapes and will last the distance!  Less likely to curl under tension than other tapes.  We not only manufacture a range of standard barrier tapes, but as we do everything on site, we can make a specific colour or width for your particular application. There are special pallet lot rates available too.

AustraliaNeed to warn people of specific risks?  As we do everything on site, we can also print your specific logo or branding, in a format to suit your particular application. (note that minimum quantities apply for specific print designs). Note: All Pakaflex barrier tapes are made in Australia using UV resistant inks.

Look for "MADE IN AUSTRALIA" on the tape!

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High strength, low curl

SES barrier tape Production of barrier tape

Our tapes are better!  We have incorporated special anti-curl properties into the film, meaning that when you tighten it a Pakaflex barrier tape will not only be much stronger, it will not curl up and become virtually useless like tapes from Asia.

We believe we are the most competitive in the market and are delighted to give you a competitive quote!

Bad barrier tape

We can make branded products, special designs, or simply add a different warning to one of the colour striped products we make. For instance adding "STRESS TESTING IN PROGRESS" onto a red/white warning tape is easily done for as few as 100 X 100m rolls. Our tapes are made of new high stength polyolefin polymers and with UV resistant inks so will go the distance when required! As tapes can be expected to last quite some time (and reused if possible) you will get a better result from a Pakaflex barrier tape.

red yellow green barrier tapes
  • Standard Items
  • Custom Tapes

Standard barrier tapes are 75mm wide, and an extra strong 75um thick and have stripes on BOTH sides. Roll lengths are normally 50,100 or 500m but as we hold these items a jumbo rolls other lengths (e.g. 300m) can normally be made very quickly.

Packing and quantity prices below!

Asbestos Waning Tape 


CAUTION (both sides with stripes)


Yellow/Black Stripes for physical hazards


SENTINEL - Red/White Stripes


Red/White stripes (both sides) with DANGER (one side)


Red/White stripes (both sides) with DANGER DO NOT ENTER (one side)


Blue/White Stripes for defective machinery.


Green/White Stripes for safety and first aid.




Pakaflex Code from above

Order Qty (cartons)


Cartons of 20


100m Cartons of 16 /BT-Code-75X100

500m Cartons of 4 /BT-Code-75X500


   Green   = Normally available ex-stock for immediate delivery,

 Orange  = May be 1-5 days for final processing.

     Red     = Made to order.

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