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Enduratuff is an exciting new product that is stronger, lasts longer and reduces the amount of moisture under the wrap. This means you will get less tears from forklifts, can leave your products in the yard longer and it will be in better condition when delivered to your customers.
Hence you can see why we think this is taking your timber wrap from just a plastic wrap to Plastic Engineering!  EnduratuffTM is part of our vision of delivering to our customers our promise of Affordable Quality!

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EnduratuffTM is a new product by Pakaflex for wrapping timber that incorporates more than six technological advances in the one product. Developed by us here in Australia from feedback both in Australia and New Zealand, With enhanced anti-sweating performance without a huge increase in cost. our flagship EnduratuffTM brand timber wrap range has been enhanced with breathable technology to further enhance its ability to control moisture properties under the wrap.  The breatahble wrap act like a one way valve letting moisture vapour out but not letting water droplets in.

That's why we say:

Better Wrap.

No Sweat!


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Enduratuff is the latest product in the pakaflex range. It was designed in response to customer feedback about issues with timber sweating. Enduratuff addresses this problem by incorporating both black and white plastic into the one wrap! The black inner layer absorbs heat from inside the wrap whilst the white outer layer reflects heat from the environment. This ensures that moisture does not condense inside the plastic and significantly reduces sweating. This product is based on the famous supatuff product and therefore is incredibly strong whilst thin. The combination of strong plastic and reduced moisture damage means that your timber will be in better condition for longer. This is a truly innovative wrap that will enable you to provide customers with a better product.


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