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Woven Wrap


When your timber is to be stored outdoors for extended periods, and/or transported on open trucks then woven timber wrap is the product for you. Extensively used throughout North America woven wrap can be surprisingly more cost effective than you think!


Like our Enduratuff wrap, woven wraps are black on the inside and white on the outside to reduce moisture condensation under the wrap


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Woven wrap is far and away the best protection you can get for your timber. It is unrivalled in strength and durability.By weaving many strands of plastic together a mesh is formed. One of the key properties of a mesh is its ability to disperse forces over a large area, a property employed in Kevlar vests. Whilst our woven wrap wont stop bullets, it will provide the ultimate protection for your timber. Also utilising black/white technology it has marked reduction is sweating to white woven and film wraps. This product will protect your timber during the most strenuous conditions, transport and storage.


Pakaflex buys in bulk and then prints your wrap in Melbourne to your specific requirements for a little as one pallet lot! You don't have to worry about buying huge quantities to get your branding right. As we have stock in Melbourne of many sizes we can turn your wrap around quickly

  • Standard
  • Heavy Duty
  • 85gsm woven polypropylene

  • laminated with white film on the outside and black on the inside. Ultimate condensation control.

  • Available plain or printed with your logo

  • High resistance to tear propagation.

  • Excellent with staple caps.


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