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Pakaflex is an Australian owned and operated manufacturing company specialising in a range of UV resistant and industrial packaging products. Our focus is on innovation and service to meet the ever increasing market demands of our customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Whatever your needs, you can be sure that Pakaflex will provide the service, innovation and savings to keep you coming back. Operating since 1989 were are committed to creating partnerships so that we can deliver the cost benefits of tailored solutions.


Circular EconomyCircular Economy

Pakaflex has just commissioned a state of the art plastic film recycler. In partnership with Sustainability Victoria this machine recovers LDPE (recycle code 4, with very high print coverages) and is used to process both internal scrap and wrap returned to us from our customers. Already, this process has been in place for more than a year with one of our major partners - AKD Softwoods. They are returning all their scrap wrap from their packing operations. The recovered material is utilised back into the same Enduratuff™ long life timber protection covers to provide a genuine closed loop or circular economy.

This investment also creates more than 2 totally new jobs at our main manufacturing facility in Dandenong.

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  Raw material costs spiral upwards

17th March  2022
Oil prices, freight and global turmoil have caused virtually all our raw maeterials to spiral upwards.  Polymer has spiked again and is now double where it was a year ago  - and some materials are now not even available  - or on allocation. 

This means that we have no alternative other than to re-cost every order for the foreseeable future; until the situation stabilises.. Please contact our sales team for the latest update on your specific products.


On a positive note, 2022 will see us installing automatic profile control and our 5th high output coextruder.   This will bring our bubble units to seven and daily production capacity to 25 tonnes - approaching 5,000 tonnes a year allowing for our routine weekend shutdowns.


  Additional manufacturing site opened

1st April 2021
In preparation for our new recycler we have moved all our bag making and slitting operations to 64-68 Leggo Court. This site is nearby in Dandenong South just off Hallam Valley Road.  Most stock items such as underground warning and barrier tapes, strapping, stretch wrap and asbestos removal bags will now need to be collected from this site.  


  AKD in the pink again

07 October 2020
AKD is Pinking Up again in support of the McGrath Foundation to help raise awareness and support to help fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses who provide invaluable support and care for the women and men who are experiencing breast cancer.

AKD is again encouraging all AKD team members and customers to wear their pink shirts and shoelaces for the month of October, and this year they are also supplying pink face masks free of charge to all employees and asking them to also make a personal donation to the charity.
“We have set ourselves a target of $50,000 this year which is more than double what we raised last year,” AKD CEO Shane Vicary said.
“We are pushing hard this year to reach this ambitious goal and we have already raised almost $10,000, and it’s only the start of October.
“To make a difference to this worthy cause, we need to rev up our generosity; everyone can make a positive difference and that’s got to feel good after the year we’ve all had so far.”
To promote the cause even more publicly and to really make heads turn, the company is even changing its product wrap for October to include the Pink AKD logo, the McGrath Foundation logo and the donation link that people can follow to donate.
This change in wrap was suggested by AKD’s product wrap supplier Pakaflex, which has agreed to do this new wrap design at no extra cost and has also donated $1000 to the McGrath Foundation. Many of AKD’s customers and suppliers are also getting on board with the pink face masks in support of raising donations and awareness.
“This is a great opportunity to really get the message out to everyone who interacts with our products – freight companies, fabricators, merchants, packaging manufacturers, builders – to create awareness for the cause and help us hit our fundraising target of $50,000,” Mr Vicary said.


Timber & Forestry

Pakaflex has developed the market leading - long lasting - Enduratuff wrap for reducing sweat under timber, but we also have a range of other options and products for speciifc requirments. This includes strapping and tapes..

Garden & Nursery

With high resistance to expanding after packing, our compression and potting mix films are the best in the game. Combined with the capbility to print up to eight colours with hightly UV resistant inks - and able to to do this up to 1600mm wide with 1200mm repeats - we are one of the few large format printers in the Southern Hemisphere.


We make a huge range of tapes and bags for things like cleaning up asbestos, or putting down new wires or pipes. We are now the leading manufacturer in Australia of quality underground service warning tapes.


Our range has been designed with the unique and varied requirements of the Australian and New Zealand industiral industries in mind.  We have specialised in printed compression packaging and other bags for industrial use.


A commitment to sustainability

RecycleEverything Pakaflex makes is recyclable, and this includes our innovative Enduratuff timber wrap. We are already utilising material returned to us by our customers to make back into Enduratuff again. The recycled material is encapsulated in the special black layer where previous inks and colours can't be seen - and because we know it's history  - we maintain product strength.   This level of closed-loop recycling is at the heart of the objectives of the latest Packaging Coveneant and we are already doing it!

Most of the products we make are designed for the long-term and to resist high levels of UV exposure.  As described above, these are perfect for recycling and we are actively working to assist our customers to do this.   We are also collaborating with suppliers of compostible resins and special additives that promote degradation where this does not compromise the primary purpose of the product.   This is a journey which has already been started and we will be at the forefront of these technologies when they become cost-effective and suitable for our markets.


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