Packaging Covenant

Meeting the challanges of the Australian Packaging Covenant

Pakaflex, as a company is actively engaged in assisting our customers in meeting the Packaging Covenant goals by 2025. Our sales team is very aware of the packaging covenant targets and are well placed to advise our customers with specific solutions for their particular packaging requirements. Pakaflex has prioritized meeting the packaging Covenant 2025 by implementing the following.:-

a) Only manufacturing LDPE plastic film which is able to be recycled.
b) Offering the ability to reduce the amount of plastic packaging used by using extra strong polymers which enable the down gauging of the plastic used for packaging ,hence reducing the amount of plastic.
c) The installation of 5 co-extruders which enable us to extrude plastic film with more than 30% total recycle content with film properties maintained by layer configuration..
d) In association with sustainability Victoria, the installation of a double degassing recycler used for recycling timber wrap and in house recycle.
e) Within the timber industry we are facilitating the return of post-consumer plastic packaging from Timber and Truss companies.
f) Using post-consumer recycle in our timber wrap for a genuinely circular product.
g) Manufacturing potting mix plastic with 30% total recycle content