Adhesive Tapes – Australia/New Zealand Only

Want to simplify your logistics?  Pakaflex also supplies the tapes required for packing your products at very competitive prices.  We are a distributor for Husky Tapes and also other specialist suppliers to obtain the products you require with excellent quality. Our purchasing power can often provide savings to our customers. We offer a comprehensive range of packaging and strapping tapes, from hand and machine rolls of polypropylene packaging tape, silicone and kraft paper packaging tapes, to fibreglass reinforced filament tapes, and tensilised polypropylene strapping tapes

NEW!  Interested in anti-rodent and anti-termite adhesive tapes?  Used to protect electrical wires and plumbing from attack by these annoying pests, non-toxic pest repellent adhesive tapes can be stuck to wires and pipes where attacks may occur.  Contact us for more information!

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Husky Adhesive Tapes

We have a comprehensive range of adhesives tapes from Husky, an Australian owned importing, exporting and converting company. Thier range includes everything from packaging tape and masking tape, to high end electrical tapes and construction grade double sided tapes, and everything in between. Husky have the ability to rewind, slit, die-cut and laminate at our in-house facilities, offering a comprehensive customisation service. Many of our products have O.E.M. approvals from leading manufacturers, in industries such as white goods, construction, automotive and electronics.

olypropylene Machine Length Tape
  • Economical, high tensile backing
  • Easy unwind hotmelt adhesive
  • Adheres well to most cartons and boards
  • Standard roll is 1000m, other sizes to order
530 Polypropylene Packaging Tape
  • High tensile strength backing
  • Good adhesion to cartons and papers
  • Carton sealing, packaging and wrapping
  • Available in brown and transparent
550 PVC Packaging Tape
  • Strong conformable backing
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Good temperature and humidity resistance
  • Excellent for sealing jars and containers
630 Polypropylene Packaging Tape
  • Premium grade PP30 tape
  • Aggressive rubber solvent adhesive
  • Excellent adhesion to cartons and papers
  • Available in brown and transparent
906 Polypropylene Packaging Tape
  • Heavy duty packaging
  • Strong 60um polypropylene backing
  • Twice as thick as standard packaging tapes
  • Great for reinforcing and bundling