Supatuff Timber Wrap – Best Value

Supatuff Timber Wrap

Want to reduce cost, improve pack integrity and reduce the amount of plastic to be disposed of when your pallets are unwrapped? Then Pakaflex’s Supatuff is the timberwrap for you. This product is Pakaflex’s own innovation – a unique blend of the latest technology polymers – Supatuff and now Supatuff-SX, has been recognised as the new standard in timber wrap and is now being utilised the largest and most sophisticated mills in Australia. Beware of imitations that split (using HDPE) or are just a standard LLDPE film (much weaker)! Supatuff is exactly what it states – it will stretch rather than tear on the corners of the pallet.)

The original reinvented

Pakaflex led the industry with this superior product technology and replaced many of the thicker wraps with this tough, tear resistant product. Being opaque and having excellent UV resistance it was a step change in timber wrap. Although our white Supatuff has been largely supersceded by our new EnduratuffTM (which has total opacity and reduces sweating under the wrap) our super high clarity Supatuff-SX has is perfect for hardwood flooring and other timbers where people are wanting to see the colour of your product when it is racked in a distribution warehouse.

All our wraps are available with full print options and large formats including photographic print.

We are always innovating, and now our thinner timber wraps include not only extra UV stabilisation, but special additives to reduce the amount of dust attraction and make the wrap easy to open out and handle. Simple things perhaps, but this difference between a Pakaflex wrap and a wrap made elsewhere.

Supatuff ST has a matt finish and high opacity

  • High opacity white
  • Extra strong polymers allow for 30% downgauging
  • Low dust attraction
  • Easy fold-out
  • UV resistant film and print