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New Bag Maker

In 2013 Pakaflex installed a brand-new bag maker. This computer controlled machine allows us to set-up jobs faster and manufacture them more efficiently and of course cost-effectively!



Configured to make superior insulation and fibre bags tis bag maker is state of the art and part of our commitment to manufacturing in Australia at highest productivity levels.

Pakaflex Industrial Products

Barrier tapes

Pakaflex manufactures a range of products for use in industrial packaging including heavy duty bags and rewind for polymers, masterbatches and additives and tough printed bags for insulation and textile wrapping. With our extra-long bags and special formulation films for wrapping underlay or compressed fibre we can manufacture what you want.


Our Main Products

Insulation Bags

Our main products are polymer and insualtion bags for major industrial companies but we specialise in short runs with multi-colour print designs for smaller companies and applications too.


But we can do more!

Ducting While our main focus is on the four main industrial markets above we can also make for specific requirments. So whatever your film/bag needs are we can assist!  Such an example is our fire-retardant air ducting film (left). High-tack lamination films for foam and protective coverings are also made.



Full range of additional products

Asbestos Removal

Pakaflex supplies, stretch wrap, bulders film, tapes, bubble wrap and strapping for the industrial market. Simplify your purchasing buy from Pakaflex!

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Polymer Bag
Insulation Bag

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