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Extra-Strong Mulch Films

Pakaflex has just released two new ultra-strong mulch films.  The first has improved clarity and gloss while the other has very low creep, so that compression bales will have minimal expansion.

Garden mulch bags

Nursery and Garden Products

As specialists in products for outdoor applications, Pakaflex manufactures heavy duty and high strength bags for Nurseries and Garden Supplies.  Utilising highest quality plastics and UV stablisers Pakaflex products will stand up to the task!  As well as high quality printed bags and tree guards, Pakaflex also supplies Builder's Film for lining ponds or for use when doing small concrete landscaping projects.

 Click on the buttons for more information on any of these product areas.  Many items are in stock, for other sizes or specific print designs these can usually be manufactured within a few days.

Multi-colour print part of the package

Stone bags

With our new machinery, good quality multi-colour prints are just part of the job.  With only a small extra cost this is an excellent way to improve your branding in the market.  See how we can make your bags better!

Print in gussets

We now can supply gusseted bags, with print in the gussets.  This allows for extra branding which is particularly of benefit if the product is going to be sold from the pallet.


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