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More photographic print options now available!

With our second eight colour press installed in August 2021 we are perfectly positioned to manufacture Cane Mulch and potting mix rolls.  Complete with automatic viscosity control of the inks and latest image scanning technology from Germany.

 As we do the lot on site (make the film and print) we can make sure we have the latest film technologies and of course the latest printing technologies like having the treatment on the printer registered with the print so that gusseted bags seal perfectly.  Yes, we do it all!


Extra-Strong Mulch Films

Pakaflex has just released two new ultra-strong mulch films.  The first has improved clarity and gloss while the other has very low creep, so that compression bales will have minimal expansion.  This has proved excellent for Cane and other compressed mulch.

Compression bags

Our Busienss Development Manager (Susan Hamer) with pallets of highly compressed haylage destined for Japan.

  Rolls or bags - we make both!


Our ultra wide,eight colour photographic printing press is perfect for large format compression mulch products like sugar cane and other compressed bales.  As we make the film we can also make sure the strength, sealing and of course the treatment won't affect the seals (because we stop treating for that area),  No wonder we are taking the market by storm! By combining our extrusion technologies with our UV stabilised inks and films our print will not fade and the bags are stronger. As we make these all in Melbourne our leadtimes are the best in the industry!



With up to eight colour photographic print,  1600mm wide (and with up to 1200mm repeats) Pakaflex has the perfect film for cane mulch and chaff packing.   With intermittent treatment we can make sure the gussets seal perfectly and with our special low-creep formulation - your bags won't expand or burst after packing.

Heavy duty

Our special film for heavy duty sand and rock packing has high impact resistance, improved sealing, low slip (to reduce bags slipping on the pallets) and excellent UV resistance. Available with up to eight colour photgraphic print you wont't find more affordable quality!

Mulch & Potting Mix

We understand that your rewind must be consistent and run smoothly on automatic packing machines. Our special film does just that. As our film is tougher, this means you have the option of thinner bags - with reduced plastic packaging and cost.  Available with up to eight colour print!


We have been making Sand and Soil bags for more than 20 years!  These bags can be made utilising recycle and are extra tough.  Bags can have print in the gussets and on both sides as required.

We also have Tree Guards and builders film for nurseries.

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