Pakaflex Industrial Packaging Supplies


Pakaflex supplies a range of high quality, stretch wrap, tapes, bubble wrap and strapping to the industrial market.

Our aim is to provide our customers with an easy one stop consumable packaging supplier.

If we don’t have something listed here, we may still be able to get it for you at a better price utilising our supplier networks!

Pakaflex Industrial Packaging Products

Want to simplify your logistics? Let Pakaflex take the hassle out of your packaging purchases for you,. Pakaflex supplies a range of stretch wraps, bubble wraps, and strapping which can be delivered with your other purchases. We have a comprehensive range of adhesives tapes from Husky!

Combined this is a guarantee of the highest quality goods. We go to great lengths with a wide range of packaging and stretch film options including blown, cast and revolutionary pre stretch films, totalling over 3500 different products to suit almost any application. EX-CELL – Pre stretch film Increased load stabilityReduced wrap time per palletMore product per rollHigh tear & puncture resistanceReduced physical effort – 50% lighter rolls  than normal stretch filmReduced film usageHigh clarity for scanningOH&S friendlyEnvironmentally friendlier, less film = less    wasteFewer roll changesGreater throughput & improved efficienciesSuitable for various stretch wrapping situationsConsistent quality wrapping  EX-CELL AIR – Ventillated – For Greater Ventilation and Load Stability